Izospan – Modern Polymer Materials for Waterproofing and Vapor Barrier


Izospan materials for vapor and waterproofing are produced by the Russian company “Hexa,” founded in 1998. Before launching the production of vapor and waterproofing systems, extensive research was conducted on the Russian market of roll materials for construction. Rigorous raw material selection and production technologies were developed. The result of these efforts is the high-quality Izospan waterproofing products.

Izospan products offer comprehensive solutions. Izospan films protect structures from external moisture and wind while providing insulation from water vapor from inside the building. Importantly, Izospan external waterproofing is vapor-permeable, allowing for the elimination of condensation in the insulation layer. Thus, Izospan materials enhance insulation and extend the service life of all structures.

By using various types of Izospan films, you can address any issues related to vapor and waterproofing of walls, roofs, floors, and insulation:

  • Izospan vapor-permeable membranes;
  • Izospan vapor and waterproofing films;
  • Reflective films for vapor and waterproofing from Izospan.

All Izospan materials are certified and environmentally safe, with high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and resistance to bacteria.

We invite you to consider using Izospan materials and evaluate the price-to-quality ratio. It’s worth noting that Western equivalents of waterproofing materials cost twice as much.

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